Started with an apsara pencil and traveled to the charcoal

1. The Bahubali fever!

Clock struck 9' and I was pacing in the corridor the day before the release of one of the most awaited movies in India — Bahubali

Was it anxiety if the movie would be a good one or was it my urge to end the obsession? And I decided to hold that pencil and vent it out on the paper. The result is something I would cherish forever!

2. Frozen obsession

This makes me wonder if my art has always been to vent out my obsession. And then I understood “Passion”. That day, I knew I qualify to be called an Artist! :)

3. Be the sunflower

“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” — Dumbledore.

4. Senorita

I love it when you call me Senorita.. I wish I could pretend I did’nt need ya..

4. Harry Potter

I sat in my classroom in disbelief when I received my letter to Hogwarts. It was signed “ Dumbledore”, the funniest name I’ve ever heard.

So, I’m a witch! Is that the reason my class teacher’s nose grew to the size of a pumpkin when I scowled at him?! I truly am a witch!!

I decided to take up the adventure to which my dad gave me a big “no”. Not even voldemort can stop me. Let the clouds thunder and the sky break down! I’m going to the world of magic and save the world! Can someone please buy me a ticket to London? Pleeeeeeach!

This is the teaser to my upcoming fan fiction. Stay tuned! :P


What’s cuter than finding your mama’s picture as a kid!

6. The peacock

Heavy body acrylics on a medium size canvas.

Everytime I see this dangling on the wall, I fall in love with myself all over again!

Art is one’s own reflection peeping into the world through the mirror of a paper! — Srivani Muggu


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